Why Paypal is safe

The Diani Children Support Centre prefers to receive donations via Paypal because it’s safe and secure.


As the global leader in online payments, PayPal offers a Secure, Accessible, Fast, Easy (SAFE), and reliable environment for making online payments.


PayPal developed the world’s most advanced proprietary fraud-prevention system to ensure the security of any personal or transactional information in our payment network.

Paypal will never share your personal account information with anyone, including the Diani Children Support Centre.


Available in 190 countries and regions around the world, millions of buyers and sellers, online retailers and businesses, and traditional offline businesses are using PayPal for online payments.


Paypal is a safe server, owned by Ebay, which allows any business or consumer with an email address and a bank account to securely, & conveniently send and receive payments online.

Paypal is a secure system, which we have used without problems for many years.

Your bank account / credit card details will not be revealed to us if you pay using a paypal account! 

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