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Jackline MwendeBy simply clicking on one of the Paypal buttons below and donating you can make a real, immediate difference to an orphaned or disadvantaged child’s life.

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These are the children who will benefit from your generosity

Every penny you can spare will be gratefully received and you can be assured that the entire amount will be spent on the education and welfare of the children at the Diani Children Support Centre, Kenya. Nothing will be deducted for administration.

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You choose how much to donate.

$15 (£10) will feed two of our orphan children for a whole week.

$60 (£40) will pay for the medical treatment for the whole school for one month.

Every penny you give will go to help the children.

Sponsor one child for one month (£33/about $48)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sponsor one child for one year (£396/about $585)

You can also deposit funds directly into our bank account. If you wish to do this, please ask the webmaster for the details you will need.
Please support the work of the Diani Children Support Centre by sponsoring a child today