How you can help us


Help the children at the Dinai Children Support Centre, KenyaThe ongoing drought and food shortages in Africa are having a serious effect on the DCSC’s ability to feed the children who attend the Centre.

Food is getting more and more expensive every day and it’s getting more and more difficult to feed our children.

What your donation could buy:

$ 2 – 1 pair of school socks for orphan child
$ 10 – 1 pair of school shoes.
$ 20 – 1 full school uniform.
$ 50 – feeds five children for a full week.
$ 70 – pays medical attention for all 65 kids for a month.
$ 150 – pays teacher’s salary for a month.
$ 360 (or $30 a month)  – sponsors one child for a full year.

Please…make a donation today.

Every £, $, € or DM you can spare will make a BIG difference to the lives of our children. 

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teachers 650Remember, 100% of the funds we receive via this website go directly to those who are in most in need, nothing is deducted.

Thank you and God bless.


You can help us make a real difference to the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children that we care for at the Diani Children Support Centre.

Click here to sponsor a child or donate any amount you choose, (from $1 upwards), by clicking on the button below.

Every penny you can spare will be gratefully received and the entire amount will be spent on the welfare of the children – nothing is deducted for administration.

Alternatively, you can make a monthly donation of £20 (enough to feed eight children or pay a teacher’s salary) by clicking on the ‘Donate Regularly’ button below.