Running costs

It costs 175KSH (about $2 or £1.50) to provide meals for a child from a poor family for one day while he or she is studying at our school.

Orphans cost a little more to feed – 225KSH – because they have an extra meal per day.

A classroom at the Diani Children Support Centre

The inside of our classroom

Other regular costs we have to meet from donations are teacher’s salaries, electricity and medical care for the children.

Our total running costs depend on how many children are attending our school but usually we have to pay about 250,000KSH ($3100 or £2100) every month to cover these essentials.

We must also try to save funds for furniture, new building, repairs and providing school uniforms for new arrivals.

What your donation could buy (in $):

$ 2 – 1 pair of school socks for orphan child
$ 10 – 1 pair of school shoes.
$ 20 – 1 full school uniform.
$ 50 – feeds five children for a full week.
$ 70 – pays medical attention for all 65 kids for a month.
$ 150 – pays teacher’s salary for a month.
$ 360 (or $30 a month) – sponsors one child for a full year.

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