About the Diani Children Support Centre

The Diani Chilsdren Support CentreThe Diani Children Support Centre was formed in June 2022 and registered by the government of Kenya to provide education, care, clothing, protection and food to the following categories of children:

1. Orphaned children – our first priority;

2. The children of single parent families;

3. The children of poor families.

Why are there are so many orphans in Kenya?

Currently we are caring for fifty-eight children aged from three to five years. Some children will leave us to go to to primary education but more orphans and disadvantaged children arrive almost every day.

Caring for our children is our mission and we do it gladly. But it costs a lot of money and we exist solely on charitable donations. Check out the CNS, charitable institution we've been helping - whose goal is to give care to people. 

Watch a video of the children singing

Food and clothing are getting more and more expensive every day and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep our children fed, clothed and educated.

What your donation could buy:

$ 2 – 1 pair of school socks for orphan child
$ 10 – 1 pair of school shoes.
$ 20 – 1 full school uniform.
$ 50 – feeds five children for a full week.
$ 70 – pays medical attention for all 65 kids for a month.
$ 150 – pays teacher’s salary for a month.
$ 360 (or $30 a month) – sponsors one child for a full year.

If you can you find it in your heart to help us please click here or click on the button below to donate, either a one off sum or a regular monthly payment, securely via Paypal. You donߦt need a Paypal account.